About our company

PoliCell Ltd. was founded in 1990. Previously we had already been engaged in the activity similar to the present field much earlier.

Our company’s main production activity:

  • FOIL EXTRUSION (Co-extruded, extruded foil, flat foil, tube, half tube, pleated-tube and split pleated-tube, perforated)
  • PRINTING (Using flexo technology when printing different foil products, using offset technology when printing paper adhesive tape, available in 8 colours)
  • CONFECTIONING (Without welding: flat film and tube slabs, shrink hoods and binder dividers. Welding: welding on the sides, star seal, lower welding, roll-to-roll, pre-open, punch marked, perforated puncture, folding, pleating, wrinkling, offset opening, lock welding, adhesive strip application, hole making system (euro and others), foil folding and splitting)

Our company has three decades’ experience in the production of polyethylene based bags, sacks, zip-locked bags, shrink film.

Owing to the number, capacity, variety and standard of our production equipment, we can satisfy our customers’ higher and higher requirements. By means of co-extrusion, we can manufacture multi layer film structure as well.

With regard to our partners’ special demands and expectations, we lay great emphasis on the innovation activity as a result of which we can continuously enlarge the assortment of our new and unique products.
The packaging materials manufactured by us are used mainly in food industry, pharmaceutical industry, car industry and electronics industry.
We are the direct or indirect supplier of many determinant companies on the domestic and European market

Logistics aspect: our site can be found in the northern part of Hungary 17 km away from the M3 motorway in Borsodszirák, which is easily accessible owing the existing bypass roads.

Our products are manufactured from base materials having permission accepted in food industry as well.
Polyethylene as one of the most essential and most frequent plastic can be produced with relatively low environmental load and is fully recyclable. Beyond the sacks, bags, shrink films, it is used in various forms and for many different purposes.

Environmental protection is important for our company. In accordance with the market expectations and our environment-conscious approach, we have the ISO 14001 environmental certificate and certainly the ISO 9001 quality management certificates for several years.

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