Cordon tape, marking tape

Use: events, enclosing and marking dangerous building and maintenance sites. It is recommended for public utility service providers, building industry companies, water and gas providers, police stations, fire brigades.


  • transparent or dyed in the mass (red/yellow, black/yellow etc.)
  • rolled, size of the roll can be modified on-demand
  • UV stable
  • on-demand unique printing available


  • recommended width 50-200 mm
  • recommended foil thickness: at least 50 micron, industrial use 80-120 microns


  • Recycled or original

Materials may be used for manufacturing:

  • LDPE
  • HDPE
  • regranulated


  • transparent or coated colours
  • high-strenght
  • cheimcal resistant
  • harmless
  • cold resistant

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