Paper adhesive tape

We manufacture paper-based adhesive tape avaliable in various dimensions and rolls. If required, we can use offset printing technology in 1 or 2 colours. It is available in brown and white paper versions. Paper adhesive tape is considered an environmentally-friendly technology. As regards its use, it sticks when dampened with water; it cannot be removed without destruction, so it will mark on the cardboard box.


  • paper raw material: 60-80 g/m²
  • width of roll: 15 – 1000 mm
  • length of roll: 20 – 2000 mm


  • base paper: bleached (white) or unbleached (brown)
  • unprinted
  • printed

Quantity of adhesives:

  • 18 – 28 g/m²

Area of application:

  • for packaging purposes, for adhereing corrugated cardboard boxes ad paper bags, and other industrial purposes

If necessary, we can flexo print in 1-2 colours (information carrier, company logo, EAN-code, etc. Packing and delivery according to customer’s specification.)

Paper adhesive tape

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